Friday, April 19, 2013


 My parents grew up in Boston, growing up we were always down there and after college I was blessed to call Boston my home for 3 years. I still have many friends and family in the city. Marathon Monday. Patriots Day. One of the best days to be in Boston, it was always my favorite day when I lived there.To truly understand the joy and spirit of the day, you need to have been in Boston on one. The sun was always shining and it was the sports day for the city! On Monday a horrible act changed that forever.

I was at my sister in laws when we first heard the news. I had many college, high school friends running and family down in the city. My thoughts immediately went to them. I also knew many down watching the race. Thanks to social media, I was able to learn fairly quickly that while all were quite shaken up, they were physically OK. I was woken up this morning with text alerts to see that blocks from where I use to live was under lock down. Many I care about are in lock down mode as I write. I have spoken to them and while it is surreal and scary. They are safe!!

I'm not a great writer and I don't want to talk about the horror.  I view life in pictures. The images all over social media make me sick, but I have also seen beautiful, uplifting, heartwarming images that reminded me in a time of evil that there is still a lot of good. With Boston being such a sports city it was nice to see other cities and teams recognize that.
The front page of the Chicago Tribune sports page.
Love those Soxs.
Yankees are being a class act even playing Sweet Caroline the other night at their game.
This is a great image from Monday. My old NEC teammate Emily Frawley Manach. She ran 25.8 miles of the Boston Marathon yesterday before she was stopped. She gave me permission to post this and she is a champ in my book! To read about her incredible experience click here!
My old neighborhood,usually busy, is a ghost town this morning.
Eerie to see the market so empty.
Keep them all in your thoughts in prayers. Pray for the victims and their families. Pray for the injured. Pray for the runners. Pray for Boston.#bostonstrong

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