Monday, March 18, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Another great weekend has gone by! We had a great St. Patrick's Day! Gotta celebrate my Murphy side ;) I was bummed to see that Google Reader is shutting down, that is how I have all the blogs I follow organized to read! I have a few posts planned this week,"like" my facebook page and you won't miss a post! Enjoy your week ;)

Monday: BLT's
Tuesday: Sara's Birthday Celebration: Lasagna
Wednesday:Celebrating my Dad's birthday:  Beef Parmesan or Angelone's pizza if he wants, LOL!
Thursday: Chicken Lo Mein
Friday: Takeout

Every week I link up with other menu bloggers!


  1. I know someone who has chosen Feedly to replace Google Reader. I don't know about it personally, but thought I'd pass it on. I'm intrigued about your photo!

    Coming over from Erin Branscom's link-up.

    1. Thanks! I got the ravioli pictured above at Sam's Club!!