Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maine Maple Weekend

/Maple Syrup Sunday is one of my favorite days! When scheduling the boys birthday party, I couldn't do it next Sunday because of Easter so I just told the booking lady, we'll do it the week before. Then two weeks ago I realized that MSS was the same day as the boys party and I was bummed. I was so happy to find out this week that Merrifield Farm, our favorite place to go, would be open on Saturday! So a bunch of us headed up bright and early! Last year it rained. The year before that, it was freezing. Well it didn't rain but it was still pretty cold yesterday.........
 2. Part of our crew coming back from checking out the animals.
 Cynthia & Katelyn staying warm by the fire.
 Guilianna with her Maple Cotton Candy! I took a bucket home also!
The Connell family.
 Peter and Auntie enjoyed a sleigh ride by cows :)
 Peter and I trying to get warm in the sugar house.
 Love older trucks!
 Usually we enjoy the pancake breakfast but the boys were really cold so we headed over to Chute's for breakfast. Great idea! Another great year :)

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