Friday, March 15, 2013

iPhoto Friday!

I'm so lacking on the blog lately.. sorry!!! We're just having too much fun!

1. Sunday was beautiful! Peter and I walked to the Wescott's, Auntie was there also and well....we stayed for dinner :) It was the first grill of the year and it was awesome!
2. We went and saw the building action going on next door to Auntie's new house.
3. I watched a new Pope get elected.
4. Jack enjoyed dropping off and picking up Peter and the other kids. I rarely bring him but he always loves to go to school.
5. Last night we made a trip to Cabela's, the boys always love going!
6. One more stop at Auntie's to see the painting going on last night, Peter was sad when his name was painted over, LOL!

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