Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Horan visit

Peter, Jack and I drove to Newburyport, MA today to see Jill, Matt & Molly Horan! My friend Mara grew up there and said it was a great place for us to meet up, she was right! I loved it!! It's right on the water, the perfect place to walk around filled with shops, parks and restaurants. I want to go back again! It was so great to see Jill & Matt. I can't believe it's been 7 years since the three of us lived together in Boston. The last time we got to all see each other was when Peter was 3 months old!  
Peter & Matt checking out the boats
Meeting Molly Marie Horan :)

After we feed the babies, the photo shoot began, here are a couple :)
Jill, Matt & Molly
Jill & I with Jack & Molly.. I think they like each other!

After the waterfront park we took a walk through town. Right in the middle was this great playground. Peter was happy to spend some time there.
Jack wanted to play.

Downtown Newburyport

Molly giving her Mom kisses, so cute!

We have hundreds of photos together, but we had to end our time together with just one more!