Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday Weekend

I had a fabulous birthday weekend! I took Friday off(it should be a national holiday) and the boys and I went out to breakfast at Charlie's. We enjoyed a visit with Kelli, Ethan, Melissa and the Storey twins. Then we headed up for a quick shopping trip to get my birthday present from my Mom, and onto Rick's Cafe for lunch we went! Lola & Peter loved sitting on the bench and watching all the traffic go by, he was so still!!! I had never been on the Songo River Queen on Long Lake, so we took the afternoon cruise!

We really enjoyed the boat cruise. We even saw my Aunt Peggy & Uncle Peter when we went by their house! They then drove down to the causeway and treated us to a cocktail for my birthday ;) Nonni & Lola watched the boys while Pete and I went to one of our favorite restaruants, JP's. It was so good!

On Saturday, we went over to the Brewer's for a cookout with Kelli's family, then Pete, Brandon, Kelli's Dad & Brother went stripper fishing. When they came back, we enjoyed a campfire. We all had a great time :) It's so nice having neighbors who have now become great friends! Thanks to her blog(you should follow, she is a riot) I was able to post these photos.

On Sunday morning we headed up to Nonni & Poppi's to go swimming and Jack went on his first boat ride!

Jack did great on his first ride! Both boys actually fell asleep! Before we left, Peter got in one last ride on his boat float! We had to drag him out of the water, he is such a fish!

After we left, we then headed over for a visit to Papa & Mame's. My Dad had just finished his horseshoe pits so we helped break them in! We've got to get ready for the "tournament" down on the Cape in August!

You can't play horseshoes and not enjoy some margarita's!!

As we were leaving, Papa & Peter had a little fun with the sprinkler! It was a wonderful weekend!

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