Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Posts, New Resolutions!

Happy New Year from the Wescott's! 2010 was a good year for us. We found out we were expecting another baby, and Peter has been a wonder to watch!

I was looking back at last year's New Year post and saw my resoultions. 1. I wanted to make 100 posts on this blog in 2010... I made 98, not too bad considering I didn't blog for most of August and all of September. 2. I wanted to lose 25 pounds BEFORE I got pregnant.... I didn't do that either, but thanks to morning sickness and eating MUCH better this pregnancy, I weigh almost 30 pounds less now at 31 weeks pregnant then I did a few weeks after I gave birth to Peter! I would say I am happy with the turnout of my resolutions!

2011 Resolutions
1. Though this is "The Wescott Family" blog, I really enjoy it as an outlet. I would like to figure out how to "bling out" my blog. I would like to add more posts that incorporate my interests, books, recipes, & other things I enjoy. I WILL hit 100 posts in 2011.

2. This will be my last pregnancy according to our plan, so I would like to work to get and maintain a healthly weight. I want to enjoy the way I look.

3. Take time to slow down and enjoy what I have :)

4. I would like to pick up a new hobby. I told Pete I wanted to learn how to sew(I got a sewing machine at my wedding shower) or knit and he said he would like me to pick knitting....he's worried that I would sew my fingers together, haha!! This is when I wish my grandmother was still alive to show me how, she was so talented at sewing!

2011 will be an exciting year for us, baby Jack will enter the world, we'll have a new cousin on the Wescott side, and we'll get to enjoy our wonderful family!!


  1. Great Resolutions!!!

    I'd also like to say AWESOME job with last year's resolutions too!! 98 is basically 100 and you have the 25lb difference no matter when it happened!!!

    You could always come up with a catchy new title for your blog too (since it will now include more)! What about.... Jennifer's Junction or The Wescotts and MORE or My Family, My Friends, My Life or keep it exactly the same... I was just having some fun!

    LOVE YOU!! :)

  2. I knit and it's a wonderful hobby!! Very relaxing, you can take it on the go with you and make wonderful things for family and friends. Especially cute baby hats and mittens! I also sew but am not great and it takes a lot more prep work and harder to go on the go with kids. Can't wait to see what you decide to pick up!