Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Basement Project.....Done!!

......well pretty much! There are minor things to do, like add the shelves and put up hooks for the kids stuff but we are ready to move down there! Back in November I was paniced that it wouldn't get down before baby "dos" came but Pete did an amazing job!

We came downstairs to check out all of Pete's hard work!

Pete trimmed in the windows last night......

Having fun with Daddy!

The Home Depot carpet installer arrived at 9:15 this morning during the snow storm, I was worried they would cancel and reschedule! It was all done by noon and I will be moving stuff down there tonight! I am so excited!

The carpet is all installed!!!!!

The nap area.....

Looking towards the stairs......

What do you think????!!!!!

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  1. The basement looks awesome!! Great Job Pete!!