Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Florida - Day Three

*Lots of Pictures*

Day three began with a morning trip to the Brevard Zoo. Mom, Peter and I went here when we came down to this area two years ago, we knew everyone would enjoy it!

What a bunch of animals :)
As soon as we walked in, we got to pet an iguana.
We saw lots of colorful birds.......
Gwen & I checking out our wingspan!
Peter showing Allie how to check her wingspan :)
Onto the next exhibit!
Checking out the crocodiles!
Some of us went on a train ride to check out some animals you could only see that way...
Jack waving to the camel :)
 Visiting the Rhinos.....
These two love each other :)
Our last stop was the Giraffes! That was fun!
We all had fun!
After the zoo we enjoyed some swimming and a little poolside bingo!

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