Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Florida -part one

*With so many photos, I am spilting the trip into a couple of posts*

We had a wonderful time in Florida!!! We had great flights and by the second one, Peter was a pro! When we got off the plane we were in 75 degree weather! We spent a lot of time swimming in the pool and the ocean, since we had both right at the condo. Peter is a fish! The condo was great, it had two bedrooms and plenty of space to run around, including a great balcony. I think I am going to have to make this trip annual!!
We landed in Florida and Buna was ready to relax & enjoy some sun!

We went right to the beach when we got there!

Sunset from our condo, the first night!

Eating breakfast like a big boy.....

We went to the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne on Wednesday morning. We all had a great time! It was the perfect size zoo for someone Peter's age!

Nonni & Peter feeding the deer while Daddy is up in Maine trying to shoot one :)

Riding the train to see some camels & hippos......
Feeding the Giraffe... we all agreed that was our favorite part of the zoo!

A great morning at the Brevard Zoo!

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