Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble, Gobble!!

We started off Thanksgiving morning like we always do... cooking our own turkey. Even though we alternate famililes each year, we cook our own turkey every year so that we can make sandwiches, soup & other dishes. About 3 years ago I tried brining our turkey and it turned out so good, we've done it ever since. After we got the turkey in the oven, Pete made us a great breakfast to eat while we enjoyed the Macy's Day Parade. Peter loved seeing all the big balloons!

Watching Daddy get the turkey out of the brine bucket....

This year it was it my Mom's turn so we went there for dinner. Nicole was there along with Michael's side of the family. Five kids under the age of 4, so lots of fun! Dinner was yummy, thanks to my food aversions I couldn't eat the turkey but there were lots of sides to choose from and they were all good! They fried the turkey and it was a hit. We had a great day.

The Lesperance & Wescott families
Gwen & Peter holding hands & having fun :)

We left my Mom's and swung by the Wescott house where Pam was hosting members of her side of the family. We enjoyed some pie and Peter got to play with his 2nd cousins, Adam & Emma. It was a great Thanksgiving!!

The oldest & youngest Bernier cousins. Peter 30, Emma 6 months

The Wescott clan

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