Sunday, November 28, 2010

Basement Project

Wow, a week ago today Pete started the basement! He has worked hard all day every day this week (except for turkey day)! I didn't realize how much he would get done! He has done a lot of it by himself, which impresses me even more. He did get help with the wiring and heating, and we are thankful for that! I can't wait to more the daycare down there!

all the heating & wiring is installed also!

The entryway where there will be a bench for kids to sit and remove their shoes.

Looking into the room, love how Pete made the half wall.. After work this week, he'll mud the walls so that we can paint it next. After we paint the walls, all we'll have to install is the flooring, trimwork & the ceiling. We are going to have hardwood pop & lock on half the floor and carpet on the rest.
all the left will be shelves & storage!

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