Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday iPhoto Dump!

This week was a busy one for the Wescott's! Pumpkin Carving, Halloween Party and we celebrated Allie's 1st birthday, which will be tomorrow's post! Here is a snapshot into our week....
1. While Peter was busy playing soccer, Jack stayed warm with Daddy :)
 2. On Sunday after soccer, Pete finished up the siding! It got just in time with Hurricane Sandy! We'll side the rest of the house in the spring!
 3. Hurricane Sandy caused us to lose our power for Tuesday morning. We took an early morning walk to entertain ourselves. The boys had fun picking up sticks that had fallen.
4. While Jack napped, Peter and I relaxed in my room.
 5. Wednesday, I took the daycare kids trick or treating in the morning, we had so much fun!
 6. Day two of wearing his costume.
7. Day three of fighting crime wearing his costume. We managed to take if off for bed last night, but when his buddy Gideon showed up in his, it went right back on :)

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