Friday, February 25, 2011

Prep Work

What to do in a snow storm? Snuggle with my little man and cook a ton!!! We were suppose to have our last music class today and of course it was canceled. I was super annoyed this morning when it happened because seriously people.... this is Maine. We have had a ton of snow this winter and you should be use to it by now. Businesses and people act like we live in the Carolinas and never get snow. Buna and I ventured out this morning to the bank and the grocery store to get all the supplies we needed, if you take your time and pay attention, your fine. Though by the look out the window, it has gotten worse. Yesterday I planned the daycare menu for the month of March so that Danielle and I would have that under control while I'm on leave.

So let the cooking begin! So far I have made spaghetti "IN" turkey meatballs (a daycare favorite), regular meatballs and homemade spaghetti sauce. This afternoon I will be making chili and lasagna roll ups. I have also got to watch part of Toy Story 3 and do a little cuddling with Buna... not many days left that we can enjoy this one on one time!

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  1. I want to send my kids to your daycare---if we didn't live in DC. Do you supply all the lunches and snacks? I am in the process of trying to figure out where to send both kids when I return from maternity leave. Right now Xander is at a military daycare which has super cheap rates but I'm not a huge fan of the center. Adrian is getting out of the military so that won't be an option after April 31st. I have been thinking about checking into home daycares in our new area. Healthy meals is a must for me--the crap they serve at the daycare we are at now amazes me. And it's government funded. I wouldn't mind so much if we could bring in food but we can't.