Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One Promise Kept Book Review

Book Description

“One Promise Kept” is a nonfiction book written by Steve Webster, head of detectives for the city of South Portland, Maine.

The book chronicles a law enforcement career marked by extreme highs, bitter lows and one case that would not let Steve rest until he solved it.

Steve is a natural storyteller with a distinctive voice that combines compassion with dark humor. He takes you inside the most memorable cases in his career as a detective, and inside his head as he interacts with drug dealers, bank robbers, good samaritans and cold-blooded killers.

Co-written with news reporter Trevor Maxwell of the Portland Press Herald.

Personal Thoughts
An excellent book. It was an easy read, a great job explaining his detective work and the emotions that go along with it and I liked that I knew all the places he was talking about. Steve's sister is a good family friend and I knew a few other cops and attorneys he talks about in the book. If you are looking for a quick read and have an interest in law enforcement, you'll like this book! Anyone want to borrow my copy?

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  1. I'll borrow! I love non-fiction, this sounds right up my ally.