Monday, February 18, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

I have no idea what I want to cook this week. Thank God it's a long weekend! We've had quite the weekend. Pete left on Thursday for an annual ice fishing trip. Friday night at 2am, I got sick. Good times. I rallied because I had to for the kids. Saturday night, Jack got sick. Peter had a minor "incident". Thank god for my sister, sister-in-law & girlfriend who helped me on Saturday night with the kids and also helped by creating lots of laughter. Yesterday I got some much needed "Jennifer" time and got to go to lunch & the movies!

So when I arrived home last night to plan for the week, I had no motivation! I opened the freezer knowing it's stuffed but didn't really know what I wanted to make. So I made the decision as I was staring first at the freezer, then at the pantry. I was just going to wing it. Thursday night we are going up to my Dad & Jan's for dinner. Friday we always do takeout, so that just leaves me three days. I make make Chicken Parm? Maybe pizza? Breakfast for dinner? Who knows....maybe I'll let the kids decide!

I feel like I need some new recipe/meal ideas!!! Please share by a comment below or on my facebook page, I always love to hear what other people are cooking! Who else has weeks like this??!!!

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  1. I'm menu planning right now, and I just found a few recipes I loved on Rachael Ray's website. It also has an ingredient searchable feature, which lets you use what you have on hand :