Friday, February 22, 2013

iPhoto Friday

Another weekend is arriving and so is another snowstorm!
1. The girls went to Nonni & Poppi's for the weekend so we met up with them at Toys R' Us!
2. With Jack sick and Pete gone fishing, I was so thankful my sister Laura came up. She ended up being a HUGE help, including making this race track :)
3. When Pete came home after three days of ice fishing, Laura and I headed to On The Border :)
4.Evidently Jack wanted some eggs the other morning...he could have just asked!!! I didn't even hear him open the fridge and throw the eggs!
5. Just another day with Jack :)
6. Tonight we went to the race car preview show. Yes, this is life with two boys :) It gave me a great opportunity to get a picture of them for their NASCAR themed birthday party invite!

7. This is Jack's new "cheese" face! We got to enjoy dinner at Binga's tonight.

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