Monday, February 4, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Last's week's menu was a hit!!! We LOVED every recipe we ate. My husband was impressed that all the meals came out good! The Superbowl is one of my favorite food days! Even though the Patriot's weren't playing in the game we still enjoyed our selves with ribs, wings, deviled eggs, chip dip and of course beer :)  So I enjoyed the company of our friends and food yesterday afternoon and decided to go with a simple meal plan this week, though I did throw in a new recipe for us to try! Hope you all enjoy your week!
Our ribs on the slow cooker! They turned out great! 
Monday: Superbowl leftovers
Tuesday: Tex Mex Cheddar Cheese Pasta
Wednesday: Beef Parmesan
Thursday: Chicken Fajita's
Friday: Takeout :)

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  1. Nice menu. We are having Super Bowl leftovers tonight too. Its not on the menu, but we had so many leftovers I figured I'd just use them up. Have a nice week!!

  2. Your beef parmesan sounds very good; I pinned it for future reference.