Saturday, December 15, 2012

Friday iPhoto Dump..on Saturday!

I usually do my Friday post during naptime when the kids are sleeping. Yesterday, I put the kids down, grabbed the computer, sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. I was shocked and devasted with what I saw. Quickly the blog became unimportant.  The loss of 20 children along with 6 teachers and staff trying to protect them is heartbreaking. I lived in Connecticut after I graduated college. I worked in Fairfield County and went to Newtown many times for my job. I am praying for those families.

1. Christmas came early this year! 
 2. We celebrated Violet Walter's 2nd birthday :)
 3. Seriously I could do a post on all the places Peter has fallen asleep.
 4. Sunday we went to Auburn to celebrate Poppi's birthday with The Lesperance fam.
5. Our elf has been enjoying another week at our house :)
6. The boys having a "cheers" for Friday night. Feeling blessed.

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