Friday, September 2, 2011

She's Finally Here!!!

She was overdue by a week and I kept joking with Bethany that she was holding out for September because she wanted sapphire as her birthstone. Weighing 8lbs, 4ounces, at 5:28 am yesterday morning, Mackenna entered the world! We got to meet her last night and she is adorable!!! We're so happy for Ben & Bethany and look forward to our kids growing up together!

The Wescott boys excited to go meet her!

Mackenna Ella Siemen

I had our boys at Maine Med and had never been to the new Mercy birthplace. A positive difference between the two??? They tell you to bring beverages to celebrate!! So we walk in the door and Ben grabs a couple for him & Pete! I got to have a some champagne :)

The daughter I'll never have, hahaha

Jack & Peter decided to wrestle while we were there....already trying to show off in front of her!

The red heads :)

One proud Daddy :)

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