Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maple Sunday!

Maple Sunday, every 4th Sunday in March! Pete and I have gone every year but one, they canceled last year because of the warm weather the sugar houses could not produce enough maple syrup. All over the state sugar houses open to the public. You can see how they make maple syrup, and they have samples to try. We have always gone in the Windham/Gorham area. This year we were going to go up towards Hebron/West Minot. Then we got real. We have a 3 week old and a 2 year old... wasn't going to happen. We were going back & forth about what to due when my Mom called and offered to watch Jack because it was cold. Jack was dropped off with Nonni & Poppi. We decided to go to Nash Valley Farm, less then 10 minutes from my Mom. They had wagon rides, cows, ice cream with maple syrup samples and a store filled with syrup, maple butter, maple cotton candy, maple sugared doughnuts and more! When we got out my first thought was, Jack would have froze, thank god we bundled up Peter! We lasted about 45 minutes and decided to call it a day. Peter had a great time though and didn't seem cold, it was us that were freezing! We were going to head to Merrifield Farm, one of our favorites, but decided we were too cold! We enjoyed the morning and the one on one time with Peter.

Loading wood into the boiler in the sugar house.

I think his favorite thing was seeing the cows!
Enjoying a horse drawn wagon ride.

While we froze, Jack stayed warm with Nonni & Poppi!

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