Friday, January 10, 2014

Catch the Moment: Week 1

It's the first week! I have joined group of other bloggers who are participating in a photo a day for the year, Catch the Moment! I'm looking forward to blogging about this each week! Since the first day of the year started on a Wednesday, I have 9 photos this week.
Day 1 - Starting 2014 off with silliness!
Day 2- On the hunt for frozen pipes at Cyn & Katelyn's house.
Day 3 - One of the coldest days in years!
Day 4 - Having fun during a playdate with the Babineau's
Day 5  - Peter & I enjoyed snow shoeing with Cyn & Katelyn.

Day 6 - Celebrating Mame's birthday!
Day 7 - Received an award & my daycare was featured in the 5210 Let's Go! Annual Report.
Day 8 - Working :)

Day 9 - Jack and his buddy Owen playing football.
Day 10 - Cheering for Chelsea & Auntie, we love basketball!

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