Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Away

How far Ben & Pete have come..... 5 years ago the would spend the weekends at Ben's camp and it did not consist of wives and kids. In fact, I bet they don't even remember what happened on some of those weekends... hahaha!! Last weekend we got to go up and spend the night and what a great relaxing time we had. Pete and I always enjoyed going up there but this was Peter's first time up since he was in my belly!!! He loved it just as much as we did! It was a great weeekend had by all! Thanks Ben & Bethany :)

Enjoying some time with my little man after dinner!

Bailey has never been around babies and she did so well with Peter!!! He really wanted to play with her and she was really good with him, as you can see he had fun with her!

Bailey got tired from all that playing, so Peter gave her a kiss goodnight!

While enjoying some after dinner beverages, Pete left an empty one on the coffee table and Peter was quick to grab it. We laughed for a minute, then Ben thought it would be fun to teach him some adult activities.......

He figured it out pretty quick, which make me nervous if he goes for a guys weekend up there!

After he had a lot of fun playing with Bethany! She'll be great when she has kids of her own.... hopefully soon, hehehe!!!

Ben switched to a more kid friendly activity in the morning and he loved it! We had a great time and.........

......... he made sure he said goodbye to Bailey!!


  1. This is such a great blog :)Love the photos you took...

  2. Me too! Great photos!