Friday, February 21, 2014

Catch the Moment: Week Seven

A fun week for the Wescott's! I have made it farther in this Project 365 than I did last year, yay!

2/15: In Times Square getting tickets to Newsica;:The Musical which was a riot!
2/16: Had a blast enjoying lunch at Carmine's!
2/17: While I was having fun in NYC, Pete and the boys were skiing at Sugarloaf!
2/18: The snow postponed the daycare party until Tuesday, I felt love from all the kiddos :)
2/19: We went to the Civic Center to watch the boys basketball tournament. Proud that when these boys here the National Anthem, their hands go right to their hearts!
2/20: Caught Peter & Ruby trying to take a "selfie" with a pretend camera. So cute!
2/21: We made sure to face time Gwen first thing this morning to wish her a happy 5th birthday!!

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