Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Been A Long Time!

Well I have been on a two month break...but I am back! I took a break because I wasn't sure how many people were actually reading the blog. To my surprise I was asked a lot why I hadn't posted lately! So here I am.

A lot has happened in two months. In our lives we have attended three weddings and had three new babies enter our life! Whitney Camilla Varney, Cayla Mae Sullivan and Evelyn May Kahn all were born in two week intervals. Our little man has a bunch of ladies to chose from! We also got a new family member when Jenny and Craig were married at the end of August. Ben and Bethany and Tim and Tianna also had great weddings.

Peter has is growing faster then I can handle! I rarely call him Gus anymore, though the Kahn boys still do! I now usually call him Peter or Buna. Buna(a cross between buddy and buddda) At his 6 month check up he was 21.8 pounds!

We are staying busy and I will be back on more often!

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